A Legal U-Turn?

U Turn-- http://www.tkc.com/tkc/uturn.htm

A Christian gospel web site looking at how to make a big change in your life.

Christian Origins?

America’s Christian Heritage Home Page-- http://www.mcs.com/~dougp/a/heritage.html

A web site looking back at origins of Christtianity.


Eternity ... Power ... Wisdom-- http://www.conline.com/~lschiele/eternal.htm

Check it out, eternity is a long, long time?

Good News From Down-Under

Good News Australia!-- http://good-news-australia.alphalink.com.au

Wanting the best that life has to offer? Good News Australia! is a great place to start. It provides a rich tapestry of words about life and its connections with spiritual and religious things, taking many visits to explore its depths. Good News Australia! recognizes the ups and downs of life, the restlessness of the world, its unwelcome surprises, and that many would say - Stop the world, I want to get off! However, in the turmoil of life there is encouragement and hope from many sources on this site. Hope and encouragement are what you will find here!

GOSHEN Internet Christian Resource Directory


Goshen (Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations) -- http://www.goshen.net/

Goshen (Personal Study Tools) -- http://www.goshen.net/pst/

Goshen (Religion News Today) -- http://www.goshen.net/rnt/?a=briefs

The Endtimes?

Endtimes Inc-- http://webcom.com/~endtime/

A Christian site with an emphasis on the End Times as the Holy bible sees it.

What Is A Christian?

Southeast Bible Community Resources --http://sebc.com/~resource/000sebc.html

Good News From The Great Northwest (NEWlife)!--http://sebc.com/~resource/011conc.html

This is one of the best web sites in the world for a very simple and clear presentation of the Christian Gospel.

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